Young Enterprise Surrey is dedicated to providing the very best business education in schools, colleges and universities in Surrey. We deliver a variety of Young Enterprise programmes from one day courses for younger students introducing them to the world of business and trade, to a comprehensive year-long Company Programme, where students establish and grow their own companies.

Our programmes have been comprehensively updated to take into account the current problems and restrictions raised by containing Covid-19, including providing students with much more online support and online content to help them.

We have two Surrey volunteer area boards, North and South, that organise our programmes and we are particularly grateful to our key supporters Bank of America, Procter and Gamble UK, Thorpe Park, Double Tree by Hilton and 3 Counties Business Club for their support.

Our ethos is Learning by Doing and through our hands-on programmes we empower Surrey students to learn the eight core skills identified by employers via the Confederation of British Industry to the UK Government.

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Financial capability
  • Initiative
  • Organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

We deliver a suite of programmes in Surrey that make up a student journey of practical business learning in four stages:

  • Raise awareness – masterclasses for secondary schools
  • Build understanding – Fiver Challenge for primary schools and Tenner Challenge for secondary schools
  • Apply skills – Company Programme at secondary school and college level, Start Up Programme at university , Team Programme at special educational needs centres
  • Seize the opportunity – certificates, assessments, and Young Enterprise alumni. All are there to be used by the young people who have taken the journey for self-knowledge, personal statements, work experience, apprenticeships, references and job applications.

Our managers and volunteer advisers adapt all the programmes to suit the individual requirements of the schools and universities we serve in Surrey.

Young Enterprise Surrey operates in two areas – North and South Surrey. So schools, students and advisers using this website for practical information should navigate to the appropriate area.