We could not deliver our one-day learning programmes or our nine-month Company Programme without the help of volunteer Business Advisers.

Our advisers come from all walks of life, many with a professional background, some with years of experience and some fresh into their own careers. You will work with a group of students, get to know them well on the longer Company Programme, provide advice and guidance, and above all, motivation.

You will get enormous satisfaction from working with the students and for many advisers the experience contributes to their own professional and personal development.

Advisers must first satisfy the Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) checks and register with Young Enterprise. You will find we provide all the help and support you need from our existing team personally and online.

“It has been really satisfying watching my company team experience and learn from running their own business, and seeing the change in their attitudes and the way they think. And I feel proud to have made it possible for them.” Mark Stokes, Surrey Business Adviser.

“It is sometimes hard to look up from our busy days and realise the value of the skills we all have as business people. I have been privileged to work with inspired and inspirational groups of students via the YE scheme for the last two years. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience and I would recommend that you get involved. Don’t under estimate the power of doing good and how great it makes you feel, share the business love!” Dominic Brockes, Surrey Busines Advisor

If you would like to become a Business Adviser please contact Lynne Skinner on 07834 609336 or at [email protected]