Thursday 30th November | Hosted on MS Teams

We’re looking forward to our first-ever regional virtual Pitch to the Panel event this November 30th.

This is a light-touch opportunity for your student company to deliver a 3-minute pitch of their main business idea to a panel of investment experts, receiving follow-up questions and suggestions.

The pitch has no mandated structure but can be supported by a short (3-slide) PowerPoint presentation. Student companies may wish to include: the problem they are solving; their company’s value proposition; the ideation process which led them to their final idea; planned marketing and sales strategies; planned manufacturing/operations.

There is no competitive element to this event. Students will receive the valuable experience of presenting; professional feedback on their business idea; and a virtual certificate of participation.

Student companies will be asked to select a 15-minute slot between 3:00 and 7:00, and should join the link (to be provided after registration) on the minute of their chosen time. They will be invited to share their screen if they have an accompanying PowerPoint (although a presentation is not mandatory), and after their 3-min pitch will receive 5-8 mins of questions and feedback from a panel of business experts.

  • Complete the booking form here, during which you will be asked to choose a 15-minute slot.
  • Await final emailed confirmation from the YE team, including MS Teams link.
  • Prepare your pitch!

Many thanks.


If this event fills up quickly then we will look to arrange a second virtual Pitch to the Panel for any who are unable to join this – we are keen for any group that wishes to pitch, to have the opportunity during November/December this year.